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VLC Player 2.0 is out, fixes old problems + fonts look nicer

VLC Player 2.0 is out, fixes old problems + fonts look nicer

Postby Pococurante » 19 Feb 2012, 00:46

Using VLC in the past, I would occasionally come across some weird problems, almost exclusively with subtitled anime for who knows what reasons. I get random 5 second bursts of glitchy video... certain episodes wouldn't appear in the correct font, occasionally an episode would play audio but no video unless I closed and reopened it a few times. Thankfully Kakeru and others pointed me to the combination of Media Player Classic + codec packs, which solved everything.

Well, VLC 2.0 just came out and I decided to give it a try. So far, so good... it plays everything just fine with no wrong fonts or video glitches at all (so far, at least).

One kind of nice thing about it too, is that it displays subtitle fonts differently than before. The fonts are clearer, more distinct, and more readable. I really like the difference so far, I think it's a great improvement.

The one nicer thing about how Media Player Classic's subs though... that not-perfectly-sharp appearance to the subs fits in very naturally with the not-perfectly-sharp artwork of Sailor Moon. Anyway, here's a screenshot I grabbed to compare the two. VLC 2.0 is on the left, Media Player Classic is on the right:

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Re: VLC Player 2.0 is out, fixes old problems + fonts look n

Postby MoonCake » 07 Apr 2012, 14:55

2.0.1 is out now :D I think it has improved even more , the subtitles look nice the only thing is it may just be me but they look a lot smaller, to some people this might be a bad thing if they have bad eyesight anyway however i like them smaller because i think you can focus more on the video and not just the subtitles.

, in appearance i don't think they look as sharp as they do on 2.0 .. heres a picture of 2.0.1[img][/img]
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