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Having issues with R1 files.

Having issues with R1 files.

Postby michichu » 31 Dec 2013, 15:12

I am assuming that R1 and R2 in the .mkv files stand for region. I am having problems with the R1 files. I've been using Handbrake to hard burn the subtitles and convert them into a mp4 file. This way I am able to dump the files on to a DVD and watch them with my little sister on the big screen. By the by, she is madly in love now. Makes me happy to introduce a younger generation to the awesomeness of Sailor Moon, anywho besides the point. When the R2 files went bye-bye I started downloading the R1's. Now Handbrake won't even recognize them. Is there a reason for this? Is there another program I can use to hardburn the subtitles in then convert the .MKV files. Any assistance is much appreciated. Much love!
~ Micha

****Edit***** 01-02-14

After some research I found that the R1 stands for the USA release of Sailor Moon and the R2 stands for the Japan release. That really shouldn't change the hard subbing process, but for some reason it did. I managed to dl the R2 files from torrent and they work just fine in HandBrake. Still, I am flabbergasted why the R1 files gave me trouble. ACC and AC3 had nothing to do with it, I was thinking maybe something went funky with H264 conversion. I mean at first the R1 files gave me a strange green screen in VLC player when the R2 files played just fine. It was only after I dl the VLC update that R1's played. Even so Handbrake didn't recognize the R1's. At this point I am just venting and hoping that this little post helps out anyone else who had encountered this issue. So this issue was solved only by using the R2 files in torrent tracker.
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