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PostPosted: 05 Jul 2012, 06:19
by KitNellson
So, i know fanfiction isn't exactly normal here, unless it is, we're new here, so i guess it's okay...? I don't know. But, we wrote something a few days ago, and since doesn't seem to like us, this is the only place to go. This is only part one, so no spoilers....yet....

I am a keeper. I know things i shouldn't. I am a keeper of a secret. It was ten years ago. My sister was leaving at weird hours, and she never had those weird "Sailor Moon" Dreams my parents had sometimes. Pretty much everyone had them accept them...automatically i was suspicious. The clocks, the buses going missing and then somehow coming back, the amusement park, everything was all very weird, and i couldn't contain my thoughts, and sometimes asked her if she had heard about these sailor scouts, and she never "I've been having weird dreams" Or some other things. She always changed the subject. I followed her once, she got with her friends. All of them stayed with her in a strange formation. Then, i saw what they did. They...transformed into something...the sailor scouts...i didn't know what was going on. Then amy, mercury, what ever she called herself did some weird bubble thing...i didn't know where i was, what i was dong, anything! It was like i was in some weird trance...But i knew...and i hid with that secret for ten years. After one large attack on everest, it all seemed to stop. The transformations, the cat, the negaverse, anything that had to do with them was gone....Until the day i saw something...i decided to become an officer for some weird scientific group. One of the rookies knew about the Sailor Scouts, and he asked me if i knew them. I replied. "Lets keep it at 'We're close'" And i walked off. They had discovered something near a pond in Tochigi, and we needed to check it out. It was a large orb wth a message on it. it said "We're back for the Sailors" And then, i started to feel woozy...i had to leave, but i knew what i needed to do. I needed to tell the Sailors.


PostPosted: 06 Jul 2012, 07:41
by KitNellson
Well, it's me again, and i have finished Pt. 2 of Keeper with Tara-Kun's help. So, lets get this over with.
It had been a while since i had been to where the Sailors came from, but i knew where they lived and who to ask for help. Once i got there, i went to the old video arcade. It went out of business five years ago, but some people still hung out near there at the library. When i got there i saw him. He was hunched over a desk looking at a book on how much glucose should be produced by the body. "Melvin?" I asked. He recognized me, and grunted. "What do you want from me, eh?! It better be important!" I told him what happened, and he told me where to go. Things were only going to get worse.