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Viz Licenses the Original Series

Viz Licenses the Original Series

Postby Jerako » 17 May 2014, 00:05

I heard something about a new series being produced in Japan, to be released this summer?

But this took me completely by surprise:
http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/20 ... -franchise

Viz Media has licensed the ENTIRE original Sailor Moon series - 200 episodes, 2 specials, 3 movies.
- There will be a subtitled digital release in summer 2014.
- There will be a new uncut dub (with a new cast - so this means no Terri Hawkes and so forth) released in late 2014.
- There will be DVD and Blu-Ray/DVD combo packs released in half-season sets starting in the fall. (The series will be in its original 4:3 aspect ratio)
And yes, this means that this is the first North American release of Stars, and things like Haruka & Michiru's relationship will not be censored this time.

What do you guys think?
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Re: Viz Licenses the Original Series

Postby StarMasayume » 23 May 2014, 23:22

I'm super excited! I just recently bought the complete manga series, have the new anime to look forward to, and now bringing back the the classic Sailor Moon! Hope the half seasons will be reasonably priced so I can buy it complete. And I'm all for the Japanese now but it's great to hear they're redoing the dub completely. Even more hopeful reading that Naoko Takeuchi has a say in the new voice actors.

I'm sneaking in Sailor Moon to my wedding later this year so this explosion of Sailor Moon is perfect timing for me :D
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Re: Viz Licenses the Original Series

Postby MooniePower » 28 May 2014, 03:21

Hey if you rather watch it on youtube I found some links

1. [url=http://forum.clubsailormoon.com/topic/747-viz-resub-s1ep1-the-crybaby-usagis-beautiful-transformation-hulu-ripcsm/]The Crybaby: Usagi’s Beautiful Transformation[/url]

2. [url=http://forum.clubsailormoon.com/topic/748-viz-resub-s1ep2-punishment-awaits-the-house-of-fortune-is-the-monster-mansion-hulu-ripcsm/]Punishment Awaits: the House of Fortune Is the Monster Mansion[/url]

3. [url=http://forum.clubsailormoon.com/topic/750-viz-resub-s1ep4-learn-how-to-be-skinny-from-usagi-hulu-ripcsm/]The Mysterious Sleeping Sickness: Protect the Girls in Love[/url]

4. [url=http://forum.clubsailormoon.com/topic/750-viz-resub-s1ep4-learn-how-to-be-skinny-from-usagi-hulu-ripcsm/]Learn How to Be Skinny from Usagi[/url]

The rest of the episodes are here (I don't want to update this after each episodes)
http://forum.clubsailormoon.com/forum/3 ... esubredub/
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Re: Viz Licenses the Original Series

Postby Lita_the_lovely » 01 Jun 2014, 22:11

Not only does Viz have the rights to the original episodes, BUT they also got the rights to Sailor Moon Crystal as well! Which means we can expect to see that dubbed (unaltered) and released on blu ray! Something tells me husband is going to have a cow when I attempt to purchase all of these (especially since I already have the original series in its entirety on DVD)....
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