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What is your favorite season of Sailor Moon?

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What is your favorite season of Sailor Moon and why?

Re: What is your favorite season of Sailor Moon and why?

Postby KAZENOMANAZASHI » 21 Jun 2011, 16:24

Definitely R. Ail and An are sooo... Mmm... Well, I like them so much=) Dark Moon also aeems to be great!
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Re: What is your favorite season of Sailor Moon and why?

Postby Hotaru » 23 Jun 2011, 13:57

S, nice plot, talisman things, messiah theme, really near world destruction but I love Dream arc in the manga. hahaha SuperS is not for me, I'll just download SuperS for completism.
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Re: What is your favorite season of Sailor Moon and why?

Postby Sailorhope » 23 Jun 2011, 16:29

I voted for Classic, but I love R too!
I haven't seen Stars yet, but I thought that Super? didn't have very good animation. Also the voices in the english dub sucked! (*koff Serena koff*)
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Re: What is your favorite season of Sailor Moon and why?

Postby DeadMoonCircusOtaku » 24 Jun 2011, 10:23

[color=#000080]Personally I don't really have any one favorite. I love them all, so it's really hard to choose.

My thoughts:

~ Classic: I love this season because it introduces us to this crybaby who becomes our favorite heroine(s). I love the plot dealing with Silver Millennium/Dark Kingdom and why this is happening. Several of the battles are very well done, and after mid-season, you start to see flashes of who Usagi will grow to be and that she's not this coward she thinks she is. (Favorite villian: Dark Kingdom. They were all cool.)

~ R: I enjoyed the Ali/En plotline, actually. I felt bad for them, and was glad when they were redeemed. I can see why this filler arc was made -- to introduce Usagi's new powers to us and to give Naoko time to continue the story. The Black Moon arc I LOVED. (Favorite villian: Black Moon Clan. Loved 'em all.)

~Super: I LOVE this season. I love the Death Busters/Witches 5 (MIMETE!!!), and I love how you see each individual girl's growth as a person. I love the animation style, I love Uranus/Neptune/Pluto/Saturn, I loved the new transformations, I loved the music, I loved everything about everything. (Favorite villian: MIMETE!!!!!!!)

~SuperS: I loved this season too. So sue me. I realize that 95% of the fandom hates this series with a passion because it revolves so heavily around Chibi-Usa. But I loved the animation style, I loved the music (so beautiful!), I loved seeing the Inner Soldiers get their new powers, and if you can't tell by my screenname, I LOVED the Dead Moon Circus! (Fish Eye is my absolute favorite villian...for this series, that is.) I rather enjoyed the fact that they never fully beat Queen Nepherenia, either.

~ Sailor Stars: I love this series to death. I just wish it had followed the manga a tad more closely. I loved Queen Nepherenia's fate, I loved seeing our Sailor Soldiers so up against a foe that they very nearly could not defeat. I loved the Starlights (Although I cannot understand why so many people want Usagi to be with Seiya --- they do know Seiya is actually a woman, right? I have nothing against this, mind you, but I really hate that pairing.) (Favorite villian: Sailor Iron Mouse. She was such a woefully cute little woman.)

Overall: I loved the music for all 5 series. I loved the plot. I loved seeing the way the character's interacted with each other, I loved the messages that it sent to you...I loved everything about everything.

Anyway. Yeah.

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Re: What is your favorite season of Sailor Moon and why?

Postby Rooh » 24 Jun 2011, 14:47

I really love S, mostly because of the Outers having significant roles in it, as well as I really loved the villains, and I loved the mystery that surrounded Haruka and Michiru. I also loved Hotaru and her relationship with Chibiusa. I just loved it.

But then again, I also really love SuperS. I really love Chibiusa's character and I loved seeing develop as more than the intruder on the Senshi that she was in the R series. The villains, again, were awesome. I loved the Amazoness Quartet, they were laid back and they were funny.

It's really close between S & SuperS, but S wins because it has the Outers ^^
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Re: What is your favorite season of Sailor Moon and why?

Postby ReiFyre » 24 Jun 2011, 16:58

It's kinda hard to say which is my favourite. However, I find Stars is a tad too dull. The other senshi didn't appear as much as they did in the other seasons. Minako and Usagi changed a lot too. I kinda miss the good old time.
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Re: What is your favorite season of Sailor Moon and why?

Postby toni_jupiter » 25 Jun 2011, 05:26

Undoubtedly R season. I love its story and music (the song named "Sailor Pluto" showed during sweet moments like when Usagi, Mamoru and ChibiUsa holding hands walking in the sunset in ep 66 is my most favorite OST in the season). From my childhood, all episodes I watched were from R season (and just a few first ones of S season). To be honest, I had no idea about Sailor Moon Classic, SuperS, and StarS until I got Internet and started to search for anime to watch.
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Re: What is your favorite season of Sailor Moon and why?

Postby Phoenix422 » 25 Jun 2011, 16:09

I'd have to say my favourite season is Classic, although a large part of this is due to nostalgia. That and the dub was more tolerable and it didn't have Chibiusa in it! I love Chibiusa in the manga but in the anime, especially as Rini in the dub, she was very annoying.

I didn't find out about S, Super S or Stars or even listen to the original Japanese until I was at least sixteen, so my only knowledge of SM up until that point was of the dub of Classic and R. It's only now that I'm really getting to watch S, Super S and Stars in high quality and in Japanese and so far I'm loving Stars!

But Classic will always be my favourite; dub or sub! It had Queen Beryll, the Four Heavenly Kings/Shitennou, my favourite villains out of all the seasons! :)
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Re: What is your favorite season of Sailor Moon and why?

Postby Shinichi5710 » 27 Jun 2011, 15:40

Definitely season s. <3

I actually watched stars before s, so i was like all the inners, haruka = man LOL
I've already liked her then, but after i found out she was a woman, that was even cooler, i fell even more in love with her xD

and this season's storyline is just awesome.
talisman, at first i thought either of the inners would have it, especialy sailormoon, but then i didn't know that it were the 3 outers :3
and how they portrayed haruka michiru's strong relationship etc, everything is just perfect in this season~
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Re: What is your favorite season of Sailor Moon and why?

Postby danielquasar » 28 Jun 2011, 08:05

S is my favorite and not because I'm currently watching it. ;)

I like the overall darker tone of the storyline. As well as all the Saturn storyline.
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