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Small Translation HALP!!

Small Translation HALP!!

Postby higado2 » 29 Nov 2012, 17:13


Now this isn't related to Sailor Moon in any way, but since I've been downloading all the episodes through XDCC, I've stumbled onto this section of the forums, and figured I might as well give it a shot.

I'm playing this really, really, really weird (and ancient) PS1 game called "Tail of The Sun". This silly game, has no less than NINE endings! Now, 6 of those 9 endings are easy to get. But as for the other 3? I've only managed to find one Japanese website that explained how to get them (I used Google Translate, and searched for the game's name! Ha!).

The link to the website is:

I had to change the "character encoding" of my browser to "Japanese (Shift_JIS)" in order to view the text properly.

Could I kindly ask any one of you to translate the 2-3 sentences describing how to get the 1st, 2nd and 4th endings listed there?? (the 3rd ending where all you have to do is kill other humans in the game was easy to understand). No need to translate the actual ending "poem"! I'll see that in the game.

You will be credited for this in the FAQ I intend to release for the endings of this game of course! (along with the meticulous soul who actually bothered to find all 9 endings!)
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Re: Small Translation HALP!!

Postby Konton no Tenshi » 30 Jan 2013, 15:34

Here's a rough translation, if ye still need it, of course. ;)

“Hated by the Sun” Ending Discoverer: Kibawo
Conditions: It's obscure, so I'll write a few things.
2nd primitive caveman, tool: stone axe 1
HISTORY 32 mammoths + 1 monkey
Majima has provided the following information: In a situation where you have eaten only mammoth meat, climb the tower before the level of civilisation increases.
I had a dream the other day.
Those amongst the humankind who have not evolved to lead a new life underwater or in the sky, sought a place underground where they could continue to live.
Before long, they started living underground, and developed mutual trust and a spirit of cooperation amongst themselves.
There was no light that gave hope there.
Until then we could not achieve any evolution whatsoever, but the new environment of underground has pulled out our adaptive abilities from within our bodies.
Below the ground, in order to go anywhere you have to excavate the soil.
After ages of excavating and realising that there is nothing, we ultimately ceased to do so and became plants.

“Taking up a risky all-night challenge” Ending Discoverer: REX
Conditions: 6 monkeys, 2 birds, then only mammoth
Weapons: One axe, complete the tower with 2nd primitive caveman (this may be important, I think)
I had a dream the other day.
Mysterious beings have enveloped the world.
As if all of this were the intention of something.
Suddenly, the world cracked, and an incarnation of something has revealed itself.
And a tranquil feeling slowly began sinking into my mind.
Every lock has been unlocked. All has stopped.
All thought has been released into space, and mind became void.
I can not think of anything. I can not feel anything.
There was only silence.

“A syndrome of being suppresed into a tube” Ending (Normal ending?)
I didn't know the exact thing, so I'll display primitive caveman's BODY
Majima has provided the following information: In a situation where you have eaten only mammoth meat, climb the tower before the level of civilisation increases.
I had a dream the other day.
There are many huge squares.
Land is covered up in stones.
The air outside is cold.
There is a machine in circular motion with big and small round teeth engaging each other.
I can hear an echo of monotonous rhythm.
It is is very charming tube.
I was going to just peek into it, but I have decided to stay in it.
This rigid body is suitable to live in this place.
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