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Postby FlamingRok » 20 Feb 2013, 03:32

I am the protector of any and all roses, but because that may be too long, let me shorten it into FlamingRok (NOT FlamingRock, or FlamingRook).

I have came to these forums after hearing that Sailor Moon has been involved. However, I've noticed that it is a little more...barren than I originally thought. Unimportant right now though.

I guess knowing a little bit about myself would be nice huh. Very well. In reality, I still am a protector of roses, but in a less fashionable style. I am an average fourteen year old male freshman who wants nothing more but to be able to escape the Dark Kingdom (AKA, my high school). Though a few things do comfort me in the midst of the night, such as anime (Sailor Moon 2013 yeah-yeah-yeah) and manga, I generally live a cold and alone life. I am a rather energetic man, though that is on the outside. The inside, I am a ticking bomb, ready to explode of hate that has been given to me throughout my lifespan.

Ha, there's nothing else here. No, seriously! Nothing else is going to be written here. This introduction is finished.
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