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Merry Meet

Merry Meet

Postby Jerako » 02 May 2014, 20:53

I'm no hardcore fan like there seems to be out there, only having watched the original 65 episodes DiC translated nearly twenty years ago now. But I loved them to death back then, waking up early every day before grade school, no matter how many times they looped those 65, or how abruptly they ended it in the middle of the story, before starting again at episode 1.

I heard the rest was translated a few years later, but I just never got around to watching them, until now. And that brings me to you guys! I just want to say how very appreciated the work of this community is, so that these days people like me can watch the whole series in all its original glory and beauty.

I notice on this site it says Toei got your youtube account shut down, and all those streamed episodes are gone? Well, I wanted to let you know that's not quite true. Your episodes are still out there somewhere, and that's how I found you. I just watched the entirety of your subbed Season R on, for example. Finding out where they are sourced may be considerably less demanding than re-encoding the entire show.

But the torrents I found here are just as appreciated!

You guys are awesome. Be well.
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Re: Merry Meet

Postby Alchemist » 11 May 2014, 16:41

Welcome to SMC Community :)
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