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We now have two XDCC BOTS by the nickname of [color=violet]SMC|Usagi[/color] & [color=red]SMC|ChibiChibi[/color] in our [url=irc://]IRC Channel[/url] #SailorMoonCenter

Here are the lists of our XDCC BOTS and their packs:

[color=violet]SMC|Usagi :[/color]

[color=red]SMC|ChibiChibi :[/color]|ChibiChibi.txt

Q: What is an XDCC BOT?

A: An XDCC BOT is just a program that serves files in IRC channels. It is faster than http or ftp downloads. And definitely it's faster than sendspace ;P SMC|Usagi's maximum speed is 100000.0KB/s (100 Mbps).

Q: How do I download?

A: In order to download our releases from the XDCC BOT you need to join our channel on Rizon. Here you can find the actual packlist: [url=]SMC|Usagi[/url]. Let's assume you want to download the R Movie. In the channel you should type: "/MSG SMC|Usagi XDCC SEND #25" (without the "") where #25 is the packnumber for that movie. For the S Movie it's #56 and so on.

Q: Is it safe?

We find IRC really safe and never had any problems with it. We find it really safe but make sure you have a very good anti-virus just in case. We personally recommend ESET Nod32 antivirus.

Q: I had a connection error and to finishing downloading an episode, would I have to re-download it from the start?

A: No! It doesn't corrupt files. You can resume your download from where you left off without any problems.
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