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UPDATE: Sailor Moon Torrents

UPDATE: Sailor Moon Torrents

Postby Alchemist » 19 Dec 2014, 03:40

The information we present here HAS NOT been confirmed by Viz Media so far, and is only the opinion of the RemoveYourMedia agent authorized by Viz Media, that we were in touch with. The question that we had was if VM actually holds the rights to materials produced by ADV, Pioneer, DiC and other companies. In his opinion, Viz Media holds the rights to Sailor Moon video "grandfather footage". That means that they hold the rights not only to the 200 episodes, movies and tie-in specials, but also to everything that contains the footage from the anime, that is: Sailor Moon Memorials, Laser Discs releases and LD specials. The thing they don't have the rights to is Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Surprisingly, they also requested that we move the PGSM torrents from our tracker. As we concluded from the emails from the agent, Viz Media can request the rights to the videos by ADV, Pioneer, etc. if necessary. It's strange they haven't done that yet while claiming it's their property. As we said, this is just the opinion of the agent they hired and we have not received any evidence except for the link to the interview with a person from Viz Media posted on Anime News Network.

As we have learned, among many other claims, VM has filed a great number of DMCAs to Google for removal of graphic content related to Sailor Moon. The claims included also PGSM graphics. Just google and see yourself. The question that arises here is what's next? Will Viz start claiming rights to the photos of your Sailor Moon DVD/Bluray collection you have posted on your facebook wall? Or your Tshirt with Sailor Moon face? Maybe the reason for low sales of the re-release are not fansubs, but just the questionable quality of the re-releases and the fact that not many people is really interested in this anime anymore. The greed of corporations seems to have no limits and what they did to SMC is just an attempt to eliminate "competition".

In this situation we have no choice, but to start using other trackers for our releases. Our own tracker will still be used for non-licensed materials and other non-Sailor Moon related releases.

Thank you for your support.

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